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We took two of our favorite interns to see one of our favorite summer festivals (River to River). Here’s a quick thought on one of the pieces from London-based intern Nicole…(read it with an accent)

Last Thursday a few of us at PS took a trip down to Wall Street to see The Set Up: I Nyoman Catrra, the 5th part in a series created by Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey who bring in international artists (that are said to be masters in their discipline) to teach what they believe to be the most important about the art form.

The dance itself was truly interesting, something that had a variety in pace and used the whole of the space. It was something that didn’t follow a common meter- something that is almost expected in Western dance- but it didn’t matter because it still complimented the rather spacious music that it was performed to.

In regards to the performance space, it was bright and airy which, I believe, worked well with the whole performance because it gave the music the opportunity to disappear into the void that the space created. It was particularly great to see how the whole space was used inside and outside the building; it added an additional dimension to the piece, whilst allowing the audience members that stood outside the opportunity to feel as if they were also included in the the viewing experience instead of being on the outside looking in.


May 28

Gala 2014


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at the Diamond Horseshoe in the Paramount Hotel
235 W 46th Street, Manhattan
Co-chairs Justin Vivian Bond and Michael Stipe invite you to
celebrate freedom of expression by honoring
Holly Hughes, John Fleck, Tim Miller
with Shining Star Awarded to Clara Miller

Appearances and performances by

Monica Bill Barnes & Co featuring Ira Glass, Ben Cameron, Nath Ann Carrera, Lena Hall, Lance Horne, Khorikos, Amber Martin, Okwui Okpokwasili, Andrew Ondrejcak, Duncan Sheik with Jason Hart, Elizabeth Streb, Olaf Triebel/Les 7 doigts de la main, Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, Windmill Factory with Leah Siegel and Shara Worden
Live Auction Conducted by
Ck Swett

House DJ
DJ Acidophilus

2014 Spring Gala Committee:

Marina Abramovic, Jane Alexander, Alhia Berger, Steve Bodow and Katherine Profeta, Bill Bragin and Lisa Philp, Winsome Brown and Claude Arpels, Linda Brumbach, Rodney Christopher, Cecilia Dean, Olga Garay-English and Kerry English, Suzanne Geiss, Thomas O. Kriegsmann and Shanta Thake,David Leslie and Celest Villanueva, Josephine Linden, Natasha Lyonne, Julia Miller, Adam Whitney Nichols, Lionel Ohayon and Tamara Levy, Russell Piccione, Jennifer Rubell, Eli Scheier, Lucy Sexton, Mary Skinner and Troy Selvaratnam, Kambiz Shekdar, Frank Spelman, Jimmy Van Bramer, Lina Viktor


See the Auction Items


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PS122′s late great Director of Production Derek Lloyd loved the upstairs theater at PS122 so much that he created a virtual 3D version of it manually in the 90′s shooter game Wolfenstein 3D. Derek created this back in 2004, well before consumer 3D software like Google Sketchup, but you can see his excitement for the space in the number of angles he chose and the music he added.


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Monday, May 12, 2014, we PS122 held our annual Spring Gala at the beautiful and extravagantly-decorated Diamond Horseshoe in the Paramount Hotel. As our guests and performers arrived for the night we had the voice of Leah Siegel guide and light their way down the spiral staircase with a balloon and lighting installation that was completely manipulated according to the pitch and tone of her singing. As guests were photographed, mingled with fellow attendees, and found their seats they all knew that the true meaning of the night was to celebrate the freedom of expression.

Like many of the artists we commission who break the boundaries of live performance and bring a little heat with them every time, we decided to keep the theme going (or rather, an issue with the hotel’s air conditioning system made the decision for us). Although a little more heat was provided than expected, it was with all good intentions to really set the tone for our following season. The night included live acts from Okwui Okpokwasili, Lena Hall, Amber Martin & Nath Ann Carrera, Olaf Triebel, Monica Bill Barnes & Ann Bass, and Duncan Sheik. Our hosts for the night, Michael Stipe, Justin Vivian Bond, and our MC CK Swett took center stage and brought a sense of energy to our live auction you couldn’t help but want to bid on every item.

This year’s Spring Gala honored advocates, heroes, and champions. Our honorees included: Tim Miller, John Fleck, and Holly Hughes, three of the N.E.A. Four, performance artists who lost their National Endowment for the Arts funding during the culture wars of the early ’90s. Clara Miller our Shining Star Honoree, founded the Nonprofit Finance Fund, a national CDFI that provides direct financing and financial counsel to social sector organizations. All in all this year’s Gala was one for the books, it showed our supporters and us just what this season has in store for everyone!


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Google Maps Street View now lets you review old Street View photos and compare them to recent photos. This is a feature our former Director of Production Derek Lloyd would have loved. He was a big fan of Street View and even created a 3D mockup of the PS122 building in Google Sketch Up. Looking back at 150 first avenue in 2007 (just click the clock icon below the address in the upper left hand corner) you can see the old scaffolding that defined the building for a decade. And now you can see the nice new facade and signs of the interior renovation- very cool.

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