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‘He who dares, wins…’

Our Gala Auction is now open online so get bidding! The live auction has a glorious collection of items ranging from beautiful artwork, VIP memberships and extravagant getaways. Better be speedy as Vallejo already has his eyes on certain items (a healthy dose of competition)…

Although spring is supposedly on its way, the weather is persistently chilly and our winter coats are still on. Nothing like a hot vacation to sunny Italy to start the bidding with 2 luxury tours and an apartment included!If that doesn’t bust out your biddings why not check out the artwork collection, with a stunning variety of work from local and international artists. We also have a range of merchandise items  and exclusive 1-2-1 or group experiences, so there really is something for everyone! Now’s your chance and seize that opportunity to become the culinary master of vegan cuisine, to have ownership of a glass whoopie cushion or to relax into a holistic healing acupuncture session.

If our marketing skills haven’t enticed you already, every item in the auction collection is tax deductible. The auction is in aid to help fund PS122’s mission in providing a sustainable platform for innovative performance artists and their work. This year the Gala is specifically celebrating the huge undergoing of our return to the East Village with our new space.

Below are just a few pics of some of the items our auction has to offer.

Happy bidding and as they say, you gotta be in it to win it…

If you missed dataPurge in COIL the team will be streaming from The University of Buffalo Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies on Friday March 27. The Colloquium features a keynote speech by another PS122 alum, Annie Dorsen. The full lineup is listed on Techne’s site. 31 Down’s dataPurge streams at


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We’re getting excited about our Spring Gala which is only 1 month from today – on April 20th. The Gala will honor
CLAIRE DANES, with the Shining Star Award presented to JIMMY VAN BRAMER and it’s hosted by our own GPS co-chair, ALAN CUMMING.
There will be appearances and remarks by Justin Vivian Bond, Alan Cumming, Faye Driscoll, Lance Horne, Meow Meow, Edgar Oliver, Mandy Patinkin and Peaches. Check out our gala page for more info.

This year’s COIL was our biggest festival to date! We’re so proud of the work our COIL 2015 artists churned out and are happy to share some press highlights with you all.
Photo by Maria Baranova

Sebastian ErrazurizA Pause in the City That Never Sleeps

Design Milk Article
Daily Architecture Design
Clocktown Radio Interview

The TEAMRoosevElvis

Exuent Magazine
BYT – Brightest Young Things


“SORRY ROBOT at the New Ohio Theater is a gleeful, ramshackle tale of a not-too-distant future in which machines are both our best friends and mortal enemies.” - Ben Brantley, The New York Times

The New York Times feature on Mike Iveson

CATCH COIL (they made us do it again)

The New York Times T Mag Blog Feature


Temporary DistortionMY VOICE HAS AN ECHO IN IT

Mildly Bitter
American Theater Magazine

Molly Lieber and Eleanor SmithRude World

“Have you ever wanted to know what it looks like when two bodies become one?”Time Out Interview with Gia Kourlas

“Body on body, staying attached in a loose and continuous tumble, they are like tangled strands of seaweed caught up in gently churning waves. Sometimes one or the other seems in control, but what fascinates is the flow, a complex interplay of weight, muscular tension and release.” Brian Seibert, The New York Times


“This is a show about presence, about immediacy, about the hitches and hiccups of life in the phenomenal universe. With his tech and his tricks and his intensified monologues, Mr. Schneider explores the continuities and differences in the world each of us perceives. “We exist in each other’s realities,” he says. “But not in the way that we think we do.” How might the world look different from the stage? From elsewhere in the audience? From somewhere behind the curtain?”- Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

“A weird hybrid of an inspirational seminar, confessional one-man show, introductory lecture on relativity and visually gorgeous prediction of what will happen when the machines take over, YOUARENOWHERE is a tour de force—both of acting and design.”Time Out New York

Brooklyn Paper



Ride On Theatre - The Blind Date Project

Wall Street Journal Interview with Bojana Novakovic
New York Theater Now

“This clever show, created by the Australian actress Bojana Novakovic, who plays one-half of the couple at each performance… takes place in the back room of an actual bar, the funky Parkside Lounge.” – Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

Alexandra BachzetsisFrom A to B via C

“this coolly disarming work revealed many such convoluted structures, favoring switchbacks, detours and double exposures over any linear route.” – Siobhan Burke, The New York Times

zoe | juniperBeginAgain

The New York Times Critics’ Pick

“The shadows and uncertainties of movement and relationship were at first unsettling, as the audience sought to find stories or sense in this mix. Eventually, though, the crowd seemed to release in a collective sigh. The visual and auditory richness became a lullaby. In the final scene, as the dancers touched each others’ faces with tenderness, Pyborn crooned an extended song in French song, offering a veritable lullaby to a piece that had touched every sense.”Danceviewtimes

Ryan Holsopple / 31 DowndataPurge

Culturebot Interview

Faye DriscollThank Your For Coming: Attendance

Danceviewtimes Review

Overall Festival Coverage

Q&A with Vallejo Gantner – bringing the World to NY and NY to the World

Vallejo Gantner Interview in Flavorpill

Flavorpill Preview Picks


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This week PS122 officially announced the Derek Lloyd Production Fellowship, designed to help future technicians reach new heights with the kind of mentoring Derek was known for giving so generously.

“Derek Lloyd, our Director of Production and a beloved staff member for over 14 years influenced the careers of countless designers, technicians and the performing artists he unflaggingly championed. He was instrumental in the planning and design of Performance Space 122’s transformative renovation. His impact as a mentor and upon the new venues will resonate in the NYC theater scene he so loved for years to come.”

Read more about the Derek Lloyd Production Fellowship and Donate on

  • 40 Second Street chug to Derek Lloyd. #love #AGA abronsartscenter @ Abrons Arts Center

  • Margarita o'clock w/ @ps122 fam before Avant-Garde-Arama! #aye @ La flaca

  • Got your 40 second street ready? Tonight + tomorrow 8pm @AbronsArtsCtr Avant-Garde-Arama MAYDAY! #doitforHelen

  • There's @bryanadams blasting in the loft above us. Hype music for AGA @AbronsArtsCtr? Oh yeah.

  • RT @AbronsArtsCtr: Who's joining us for the mayhem of MAYDAY tonight?! #AGA @PS122 w/ 14+ trail blazing arts institutions. TONIGHT & TOMORR…

  • Avant-Garde-Arama #TBT to Wrecking Ball in 2011. Salley May starting it off right in those platforms.…

  • RT @DixonPlace: AGA on loan from @PS122 @AbronsArtsCtr 14 performance venues, 2 nights, WHOLE LOT of talent #MAYDAY

  • Congrats @AnnieDorsen on @themapfund for 'Yesterday Tomorrow'! V. excited to see it @PS122 next season. #artsfunding #alwaysthankful

  • Congrats @niv_acosta on @themapfund! See him perform this Fri 5/1 @AbronsArtsCtr for Avant-Garde-Arama! #OUTHERE

  • RT @hyperjetlag: There's no re-gifting of this shining star... @JimmyVanBramer @Tselvar @swarovski @PS122

  • RT @hyperjetlag: So very proud to see so many @PS122 alum in the #tonynominations. Well done all. Just BTW, we'll claim we made you from no…

  • MAYDAY! Avant-Garde-Arama this Fri + Sat @AbronsArtsCtr! Niv Acosta on Fri. @ErinMarkey w/ Carmelita hosts! #OUTHERE

  • Glass Ghost! May 14th at the Atrium at Lincoln Center! Free! @ps122 commissioned performance of their…

  • Hey @narcisostudio, who wore it better? #GALA15 @bevinross

  • 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now. #Derek @ Performance Space 122

  • RT @DixonPlace: May 1st & 2nd is #MAYDAY: AGA by @ps122 Everyone will be there!Hosted by @ErinMarkey @PennyArcadeNYC @CarmelitaTropi http:…

  • RT @hyperjetlag: So proud of @PS122. Last night we doubled any previous gala total! Thanks Claire, @JimmyVanBramer @Alancumming @LanceHorne…

  • @JeskaD I think you did win too! Email [email protected] & they can help! Thank you so much! #winner @amandapalmer

  • RT @mxjustinVbond: Who wore it best? Debbie and I serving up our red noses at the @ps122 gala last night. http://t.…

  • Mandy Patinkin Praises His ‘Riveting’ ‘Teacher’ Claire Danes at @PS122 #Gala15 with @JimmyVanBramer … via @Variety