Performance Space 122’s evolution.

The past four years have been a time of spectacular evolution for Performance Space 122. We’ve evolved our notions on where and how we can exist – in a Greenpoint warehouse, on piers, with our peers and as something that can be viewed on a screen or folded up as a poster. We’re taking all that we’ve learn along the way to inform us as we navigate our way back home.


We’re raising the roof!

Our new theaters are now located on the 4th and 5th floor! The building’s roof is literally being raised an entire floor to accommodate for a 2 story fly space in the larger theater. More fly space means larger scale work and more artists’ visions realized.

Here’s a photo from June 2015 of the steel beams over the 5th floor.


Honoring the past while looking to the future.

PS122 is committed to honoring the past that has come before us; over 30 years of performances, artists and ideas have been apart of our history. We’ll keep that tradition while looking towards the future of contemporary performance. Check out our video at the bottom and stay tuned this Spring…


We’re on our way home.

Your continued dedication to PS122 and our artists further motivates us to evolve into a physical place where local, international and virtual art is created and celebrated for the expansive and radical ideas that are explored. Moving back into our old-yet-new spaces can and will not happen without your involvement. Learn more about our capacity campaign, Give Performance Space, and find out ways you can be apart of our evolution:


Leave a lasting imprint on PS122

Leave your imprint by “Naming a Chair” in the soon-to-be-completed theaters! Each chair can be a dedication to you, an artist or in memoriam to a loved one with an engraved plaque; $1,220 directly supports the Give Performance Space campaign. Details about the campaign and additional naming opportunities here:       

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