NONE OF IT: more or less Hudson's Bay, again


World Premier

Performance Art/Dance

Nov 29 -Dec 1, 4 - 22, 2002

On a dog sled loaded down with Pepsi and compressed medical gases, toxic twins, naked and high in Hudson’s Bay, fly across the frozen tundra through the endless night, chasing the Aurora Borealis on the icy road to Utopia.

P.S. 122, November-December 2002

Village Voice, Alexis Soloski Radiohole Pillages Mutes, Canada
“…Whether it’s drinking or farting or whatever it is”

Theater 2k, Brook StoweÊ Radiohole Pillages Mutes, Canada
“…Imagine, if you haven’t already tried it, watching “Ice Station Zebra” on some really good acid and witnessing stoic Rock Hudson melt into a pair of questing female twins/split psyches/fucked-up bitches as they swirl in a delirious downward spiral of murder, death, the possible second coming of Christ, Pepsi, and the swinging Hudson Bay club scene while up top behind them, a tattooed bald guy in red overalls spins syrupy vintage luau vinyl upon a really unsafe-looking swaying platform. ”

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