In Search of The American Dream

6PM, Saturday, October 13

Come packing ideas.
A post-show debate and conversation with Ronald Marx (Director of Start Up and GTA Road Theater USA), Mark Seddon (NY Bureau Chief and UN Correspondent for Al Jazeera English), James Matthews (Business Consultant, NY Salon), and moderator Alan Miller (Director, NY Salon).

Performance Space 122 is proud to announce their partnership with NY Salon and invites you to join us after the Saturday matinee of Start Up for the first of our “NY Salon Rumbles” in the downstairs theatre.

‘The NY Salon Rumbles’ with Performance Space 122 is an exciting partnership that offers a unique opportunity for New Yorkers to discuss some of the provocative and stimulating ideas that emerge from our cutting edge theatre’s innovative international performances. The NY Salon firmly maintains that – contrary to much that is fashionable today – audiences are smart and perceptive and want to debate the important issues of our time. After all, ideas have consequences.

“In Search of The American Dream”

German Theater Abroad Road Theater USA explores various ideas and themes in Ronald Schimmelpfenng’s play Start Up. After the matinee show on Saturday 13 October, the audience will have the rare opportunity to discuss ideas related to the American Dream and how America is viewed today both here and internationally.

After 9/11 some people asked ‘Why do people hate America?’ and yet it is still the case that America is a popular destination for many people pinning their dreams on a better future. Is America still able to project a confident, anyone-can-make-it outlook or is there a more anxious and defensive position taken today? What does this say more broadly about how we see ourselves in society? While many in the past, such as Arthur Miller, pointed to the shortfalls of the American Dream, there is a sea change today. Is the idea of “The American Dream” relevant today?

The panelists:

Ronald Marx – Director of Start Up and GTA Road Theater USA
Mark Seddon – New York Bureau Chief and UN Correspondent for Al Jazeera English
James Matthews – Business Consultant, NY Salon

Moderated by:

Alan Miller – Director, NY Salon

Sat 13 Oct, 6pm directly after the matinee performance of Start Up.

Learn more at NYSALON.ORG

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