Audience Member, AnonymousAnonymous

Going to PS122 is an adrenaline rush - dangerous, exciting, unpredictable, sometimes thrilling.

Audience Member, Anonymous

It's a place I can depend on to see contemporary work - It's where I go to see what's going on - currently and creatively.

Audience Member, Alberto D.

With great success must come great failure and PS122 is unafraid to make the absolute best attempts resulting in nothing that is ever mediocre.

Audience Member, Anonymous

PS122’s support of emerging, nontraditional companies and artists is rare in this city and in this country right now...risk is something sorely missing in the American performing arts today.

Audience Member, Brian B.Audience Member, Brian B.

I seek out art that helps me understand what this thing called "life" is. The work at PS122 creates psychic space for that kind of contemplation.

Audience Member, Anonymous

PS122 is a vital asset to the New York arts community. Beyond that, I believe that PS122 has become and will continue to be a benchmark for American performance.

Audience Member, Cathy E.

[PS122 is] a place I can count on to champion forward-thinking art-making and artists.

Audience Member, Michael K.

To risk, to dare, and to elbow convention aside as a spiritual necessity. It's what PS122 has done for three decades and New York's citizens are the better for it

The New York Times

PS122 is one of New York's most important and vital cultural centers, a living repository of an indelible artistic history without which we would be vastly poorer.

Audience Member, Anonymous

PS122 feels so personal, nothing fake about it...So many memorable performances... Like New York City, PS122 has gotten under my skin.

Audience Member, Rosalind G.

These are the cultural experiences that make us smarter, make us stronger.

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