The TEAM at RetroFutureSpective Festival

Date: June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

The Team performs on our first night of PS122’s Benefit, part of the RetroFutureSpective Festival.


  • RT @TrustFellows: Jeso O'Neill of @PS122 discusses the #management of small #arts #nonprofits @NYCommTrust #TrustFellows @BaruchOEP http://…

  • Adrienne Truscott (@mrs_truscott) starts her 2nd week tonight @creekandcave! CC @TheChocoFactry: http://t.co/Lhli0bt3k6 #comedy

  • Teaser video for Season Launch is up!! https://t.co/nKYx3QSA00

  • Want to support @ps122's new building and leave a lasting legacy? Name a chair in our new theaters!… https://t.co/7KMoHEvCer

  • RT @diepthought: Saw Adrienne Truscott's bush @PS122 and a penis at the new Thomas Bradshaw play at @TheFleaTheater. Got a lot of action th…

  • RT @EVincentelli: Adrienne Truscott steps away from the Wau Wau Sisters for a rather unusual standup act: http://t.co/xchukmM2fc @TheChocoF…

  • Post-show stage. #AdrienneTruscott #askingforit running through Oct 3! Co-presented w/ The Creek &… https://t.co/4KtTFCUGSt

  • Opening night marquee! #adriennetruscott #askingforit running through Oct 3! @ The Creek and The Cave https://t.co/0vjgHNEva6

  • RT @nealmedlyn: America! You should attend @mrs_truscott 's show!! DO IT!!! http://t.co/dy6vlJPPd1 @creekandcave @PS122 @TheChocoFactry

  • RT @bevinross: Join @ps122 and @ErinMarkey for http://t.co/4t50Wzihdr for a night to remember Oct 5 @boweryhotelnyc

  • Bill is ready for Adrienne's show tomorrow. #adriennetruscott @ The Creek and The Cave https://t.co/5TQ0McCsKR

  • Want braids like @ErinMarkey? http://t.co/8axckGxY9J

  • Getting the chair photo booth ready for Season Launch! You can name a chair in our new theaters and… https://t.co/ip1ROwJoJG

  • RT @theteamplays: Prepping our shipping container for #RoosevElvis @royalcourt - flashback to load out from @PS122 in jan... http://t.co/mV…

  • #TBT to the early 1900's in the #eastvillage. @ps122 is the building with the spires. See to our… https://t.co/6JmZDBx0lL

  • RT @hyperjetlag: Only a week till @mrs_truscott asks for it & upends comedy as you know it. http://t.co/JxYXBEbSZM. @TheChocoFactry @creeka…

  • RT @AdBaFo: .@Airbnb guests more likely to go to non-Midtown cultural events. Should promote festivals at @PS122, @PerformaNYC, @FIAFNY, @a…

  • RT @FourthArtsBlock: Breaskfast mixer with @PS122 #les #nyc #mimosa #tooearly http://t.co/iRh6X0xfig

  • RT @FourthArtsBlock: Thanks @PS122 & @treebistro for this morning's mixer -- so glad to meet the community in this fashion! http://t.co/sty…

  • Lovely day with #eastvillage businesses, organizations and leaders @treebistro! Complete with b-fast… https://t.co/eeC1gZNKzg