Gala 08 Printed Invite Photo Credits


1 – Tom Mask by Patricia Sullivan

2 – Lori with headset – Bruce Glikas

3 – Group Shot – Dan Rhatigan


1 – Lori swiping mic – by Dona Ann McAdams

2 – Tom mask – by Patricia Sullivan

3 – Group shot – Dan Rhatigan

4 – Lori (with bowtie – Rosie cropped) – unknown

5 – Group shot – Dan Rhatigan

6 – Tom as “pope” – by Paula Court

7 – Group shot – Dan Rhatigan

8 – Tom with metal hat – by Patricia Sullivan

9 – Group shot – Dan Rhatigan

10 – Lori and Jennifer ouside PS122 – Dona Ann McAdams

11 – Lori in dress – unknown

12 – Group shot – Dan Rhatigan

13 – Tom as Newt (wig) – by Patricia Sullivan


1 – Lori taking photo at camera – unknown

2 – Tom as “pope” by Paula Court

3 – Lori in bowtie with Rosie – unknown

4 – Tom mask – by Patricia Sullivan

5 – Tom metal hat – Patricia Sullivan

6 – Lori in truck cab – by Dona Ann McAdams

7 – Tom mask – by Patricia Sullivan

8 – Lori in dress – unknown


Panel 1 – Tom with balloons – by Patricia Sullivan

Panel 2 – Lori in truck cab by Dona Ann McAdams

3 – Group shot – Dan Rhatigan

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