Meeting 1:

Ryan and I had a productive first meeting, discussing a the rise of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. We talked about making a show based on a fluctuating markets and putting a value on artists’ work based on non-traditional indicators. Could we accept crypto-currencies as payment for the show? Could the show deal with the questions raised by the secret side of the internet, the “Dark Net

We researched doing live quicktime video streaming on PS122’s Dreamhost account but were told by Dreamhost that that this service is no longer allowed on their platform. As Ryan said, we’re doing something right if we’re already being told “no” by a big corporation. An alternative for streaming could be
Icecast, an open source streaming server for radio and some video. Ryan also showed me opentopia, web cam search engine which he used in past interactive projects as well as the nyc payphone project which was similar his interactive payphone project that he did in the Canal Street subway station.

We discussed Bittorrent as a non-traditional, decentralized distribution method for our content and looked at a few cool net projects that take user content and change it in a visually interesting way like Shredder and the craigslisty/non-styled layout of

Meeting 2:

Meeting 2 started with a new direction from Ryan, the idea of examining the deterioration of digital media in the same way that artists have examined the breakdown of analog media.

We took a look at digital longevity in the wake of deterioration:

We looked at a handful of artistic references for projects like this

The last couple links raised the challenge of making the audience have some sort of responsibility, investment in the piece. Ryan had the idea that the piece should be a 24 hour durational performance piece that audience members would watch either in person or online and be able to interact with the performer in certain ways. The exact details of the performance would be left up in the air until we had chosen a performer.

We took a break to write separate descriptions of the piece:

This was Ryan’s:


untitled (a 24 hour portrait)

untitled (a 24 hour portrait) is a networked performance that investigates the deterioration of social connectivity and digital media through a 24 hour live-streaming, interactive portrait of a human who is cut off from all forms of conscious communication.

This is an ascetic performance that for one complete day deprives the performer of modern world pleasures and conveniences such as social media, email, online shopping, news and video streaming on demand. Is there a spiritual light at the end of our new media obsessions? Why should we tear ourselves away from our addiction to smart-phones and like minded connective gadgetry once we have integrated it into our everyday lives?  This piece may be thought of as a 24 hour selfie that is subtitled: Watch me as I deteriorate.

The performer is in a veritable deprivation chamber, cut off from their everyday world, yet, under the microscopic eye of the public through the internet. A camera films the performer’s face while lying in a prone position for 24 hours. Much like portrait photography in its own infancy, the performer holds their position as still as possible for as long as possible, virtually hypnotized. The performer is hooked up to an array of bio-metric sensors that monitors their body functions, brain activity and heart. These sensors are immediately studied, algorithmically processed and then fed out into the world of social media, unbeknownst to the performer. Unconsciously, the performer will become a social media posting machine.

Inspired by the deterioration and decay of analog media (magnetic tape, celluloid, vinyl), this piece strives to find the beauty in the deterioration of digital media. Different streams of this digital image self are fed into various forms of digital decay machines.

This was Alex’s description, broken down into first a description of the “platform” that PS122 is building, (called “FORM” here) then secondly, Alex’s description of Ryan’s piece, the first presentation using said platform


The creation of a standalone booth to facilitate long form durational performance pieces with with built-in cameras, bio-feedback, audience interaction and streaming capabilities.  The booth is portable and versatile, allowing for different artist-curated performance pieces with shifting parameters depending on the performer but with the intention of engaging both local observers and fostering an online audience who can both observe and affect the piece through their feedback.

untitled (24 hour portrait)

This 24-hour durational piece places a performer in a social media deprivation chamber while passively connecting them to dozens of web based applications via bio feedback and emotion recognition software. Audience members can observe the spectacle in person or online through a variety of mediated feeds which test the limits of digital integrity. (Exact performer and premise TBD).


Next we looked at options for streaming live video, a critical part of the process if we are going to be live streaming a 24 hour performance piece.

Youtube Live

Free streaming, up to 8 hours

can comment and play back the live broadcast as it is happening, 33 second delay

Streaming via Wowsa and Amazon EC2:

Pay per usage streaming- could be cheap setup but expensive if it gets popular


$49/month option allows unlimited streams, branded Livestream page, cloud storage. 399/month allows embedding on our website. Can be combined with free Livestream Studio software, which also can be used to broadcast via Youtube.

 Some links to products we may need for the project:

Open BCI / EEG reader

Interface sensors with numerous API’s


During the meeting we pitched a rough idea of project to Creative Producer Jess and Marketing and Branding Manager Jeso who liked the idea and had good feedback about possible venues and budgeting concerns. We finished by assembling a basic budget for the project and different elements of the project, which we passed on to the Managing Director Winnie.

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