“Expertly straddles the fragile line between humor and horror.”
-GIA KOURLAS, New York Times (full review)

“The Jo Strømgren Kompani has never appeared in New York City. It is time it came.”
-Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

As a society of sworn coffee drinkers gather for their daily ritual the harmony is broken by a horrific incident: the discovery of a used teabag. As the investigations unfold the questions become more complicated. Do they have a domestic traitor among them or is the teabag a symbol of a much larger global scenario? How far will they have to go in order to track the traitor down, smoke him out, and bring this evil act to justice?

Jo Strømgren Kompani mirrors the macro-world by scrutinizing basic elements of contemporary phenomena: in our turbulent times the average citizen is ever more tempted to accept torture, suppression of minorities, and other violent means in order to restore order and avoid a clash of civilizations. Can theatre contribute to change this? JSK neglects any responsibility to join that debate. Rather, JSK pursues its signature fart-in-the-universe quest to pinpoint utterly sad human behavior.

Jo Strømgren Kompani’s has created its own international niche through its long-term research on abstract text. Each production performed by JSK involves a completely new linguistic alias, inspired by a specific culture or region. Worldwide success in 45 countries has proven this nonsensical language manifesto to be more than just a temporary funny idea. For all audiences: Don’t panic, the performers do not even know what is being said on stage.

Co-presented with The Abrons Arts Center.
The Society is supported by Arts Council Norway, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, and the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

Photo courtesy of Knut Bry

October 15-19, 2008
Wed-Sat 8:30pm
Sun 6:30pm
At the Abrons Arts Center located at 466 Grand St.
Tickets from $25
$15 (students/seniors)
$10 (PS122 members)

Special Event:
The Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St.

Support P.S. 122 and join us as we celebrate with the cast and welcome
Sissel Breie, the new Norwegian Consul General.

Ticket $100
(of which $75 is tax deductible)
Includes premium seating and post-show reception.

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